-Dick's Math and Chemistry Tutorials-




From this menu you can access some of the math and chemistry tutorials I've written. There are two ways to use this material. You can take the passive approach. That is, you can sit and read each screen, clicking the mouse to get to the next screen. Not good! You have to jump into the action if you expect to get anything out of the tutorials. A more effective way to study is to have paper, your calculator, and a pen or pencil handy so you can work through the problems as they are presented to you. The idea is to learn something rather than pat yourself on the back simply because you've looked at it! No tutorial will automatically teach you the material any more than a book will. You've got to get in there and dig!

The Metric System (converting metric units using the metric number line)
The Unit Cancellation Method (converting from one unit to another)
Polyatomic Ions (drill to learn the list chemistry instructors require)
Diatomic Molecules ( special group of elements combining with themselves to make molecules)
Lewis Dot Structures ( more of how elements combine to make molecules)
Covalent Bonds (even more of how elements combine to make molecules!)
Balancing Chemical Equations (takes you step by step)
Stoichiometry, lesson 1 (determining quantities in a chemical reaction, mass/mass only)
Stoichiometry, lesson 2 (determining quantities in a chemical reaction, mass/volume)
Chemistry Practice Problems (keyed to Achievement Center Chemistry but good for CHEM 131, too)
Converting Medical Units